Do I need a financial adviser?

Your money is important. You work hard to earn it and you need to make sure that it is going to support your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals. Seeking professional advice can be beneficial when you want to maximise your wealth building opportunities, and this is when you might ask yourself, ‘Do I need a financial adviser?’

No matter your age or your personal situation, a financial adviser can help you put plans in place and provide you with fundamental guidance on how to secure your financial future.

“Financial peace of mind doesn’t just happen… it takes planning, it takes long-term commitment and starting too late usually means either you’ll do something silly, take shortcuts that can end in disaster… or you just won’t get to where you thought you would.” ~ Ben Rossi, Principal and Managing Director.

Today we discuss exactly how a financial adviser can help you.

What does a financial adviser do?

What does a financial adviser do?

Essentially, a financial adviser – or financial planner – provides professional advice about wealth management and personal monetary matters. They can help you make decisions about specific aspects of your finances, such as superannuation, retirement planning or investment management.

They create a unique strategy that aligns with your personal financial goals. And this strategy becomes a path for you to follow… you need to stick to the plan for it to succeed, but your adviser is there to help you feel confident about the process and keep you on track.

Some of the most common tasks a financial adviser undertakes include:

  • Assessing your current financial position and helping you set specific goals
  • Developing a detailed plan that focuses on areas such as preparation for retirement, growing investments, managing superannuation, personal insurances or effective tax minimisation
  • Offering advice relating to financial issues that can occur such as loss of income, divorce or death of a partner
  • Setting up investment portfolios and managing your assets.
Grow your wealth, plan for the future

Grow your wealth, plan for the future

Building wealth is something everyone can achieve if they start early enough and use a systematic, structured approach. Many people believe that to see a financial adviser you need to already have a significant amount of money… but the truth is, you just need to get started.

Implementing a well devised plan will set you on the pathway to wealth and can help you feel confident about your financial future.

Understanding your spending requirements will highlight areas that you can save and once you do start saving you need to make sure you utilise those funds effectively. A financial adviser can help identify opportunities to maximise asset growth.

Find the right combination of assets

Find the right combination of assets

The other area where a financial adviser can be extremely helpful is in determining the most appropriate combination of assets for your needs. If you want to develop an investment portfolio, you need to be mindful of protecting your wealth while also targeting growth.

High yield investments might sound great but there could also be significant risk involved. A professional adviser should talk to you about your circumstances and your attitude to risk to make sure you are comfortable with the selected asset classes and build a suitably diversified portfolio for you.

Achieve peace of mind

Achieve peace of mind

Ideally, your financial adviser will get to know you very well. They will be aware of your goals and they will have the ability to give you truly personalised advice.

When you are worried about something, they’ll be there to provide you with an ear to listen and with professional advice appropriate for your unique situation. They’ll act as a sounding board and respond in a way that resonates with you and is relevant to your financial position. This kind of peace of mind is invaluable in times of uncertainty.

Speak to our team of professionals

Here at First Financial, we believe it’s important to remember that wealth building is a journey… not a single event. Long-term gains are far better than short-term wins and a committed financial adviser can help you keep focused on the future.

Our team of Financial Advisers can help support you now and well into the years to come. If you’d like to discuss your current financial situation with someone, please contact us today. Read more Financial Planning articles.

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