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We offer enthusiastic and talented finance professionals the opportunity to develop their financial careers in a supportive, flexible and rewarding environment.

First Financial is a leading wealth management firm specialising in financial planning and superannuation management services. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a unique client-centric service.

Relationships are important to us – both with our clients and within our team. And we know our focus on company culture and a motivated working environment breeds fierce loyalty and low staff turnover – something quite rare in our industry.

Career development opportunities

Career development opportunities

For many of our team their journey starts in client services and from there the career development opportunities expand.

Whether they are focused on becoming a Financial Adviser or have aspirations to learn all about paraplanning, operations or self-managed superannuation funds, we want them to be passionate about their work and feel empowered to make their own choices.

“You may start in a client services role, but First Financial is very encouraging of people to move into different roles in the business, to experience different types of work and to learn through changing roles… if it doesn’t suit them that’s ok, they can move back to where they want to be or up into something else” – Kate Anderson, Senior Paraplanner

Flexible working arrangements

Flexible working arrangements

Like many organisations, we experienced a significant shift in the traditional working model in 2020 and we have embraced a flexible working environment. No longer do we live our ‘nine to five in the office’ lifestyle.

Technology enables us to perform our jobs from almost anywhere and our team regularly works from home. Of course, we still have days when we come into the office but we are completely adaptable and know it is successful.

We use tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to stay connected with each other and our clients. All our deadlines and service expectations are the same… but we can manage them around family and other personal needs.

Supportive team dynamics

Supportive team dynamics

If you speak to anyone within our team you will always hear the same comment ‘it’s the people that make it a great place to work’. There is a unique camaraderie within our firm that is not often experienced within the financial industry.

We know our culture is second to none and that our leaders are kind, respectful and inspiring. Together with our focus on creating highly rewarding financial careers we deliver impressive services to our clients.

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