Brad Jackson



Bachelor of Commerce/Law – BCom/LLB (University of Tasmania)
Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (Securities Institute)

Lawyer turned financial adviser Brad Jackson has been with the firm for 22 years, but feels like he’s just getting started.

“The formal education in law and commerce is very transportable throughout different disciplines. I knew, joining the financial planning world, that it was a chance for me as a young guy to stand out in a growing, evolving industry.”

And like his team mates at First Financial, Brad is driven by people …

“The thing that gets me going is relationships … it’s the long term client relationships that really excite me. Developing the real connection with people and supporting each other, making some mistakes together, but being successful together.

I play the long game … nothing is about short-term gain or short-term thinking … it’s all about doing things for the future.” 

Brad is passionate and optimistic about what First Financial can do as a unit …

“We’re quite strong in our ability as a group to really look forward … from a business sense and a cultural sense. We are there to support each other and help each other improve. It’s a true collegiate environment here.”

An inner city Melbourne boy, Brad can’t see himself moving out to the burbs anytime soon.

With twin boys, Brad and his wife are busy busy busy … and in his downtime he loves playing golf and watching sport.

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