Rebecca Ruck

Adviser Assistant

Adviser Assistant

Diploma of Financial Planning

Rebecca Ruck had some solid training on the trading floors of Canada’s Wall Street.

For two years she worked in that hectic, intense, fast-paced environment.

So working in Melbourne was always going to be a breeze for her.

Originally from New Zealand, Rebecca is an integral part of the adviser training program.

Like most advisers, her need to help people drew her to financial planning.

“I just love helping clients … like to build those relationships with people and help them get from A to B.”

Rebecca fell into financial planning – she got a job as the receptionist at a financial planning company, and through work and study has moved steadily up the chain since.

“I’m really happy – really settled. I’m able to come to work and be around people who I love.  We all get along well here and support each other as we support our clients’ journeys.”

A true people person, Rebecca is energised by social interaction and keeping busy.

She loves summer, friends and family, music gigs and festivals.

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