Daniel Smith

Adviser Assistant

Adviser Assistant

Bachelor of Business (Human Resources)

Before university, Daniel Smith hadn’t ever really considered financial planning… he hadn’t come across it in his everyday life, but through his Bachelor of Business at university one introductory subject opened his eyes and set him down a clear career path.

“When I started to select elective subjects, I chose an introduction to financial planning… I found the strategy topics really interesting and so I continually chose finance subjects and went from there.”

Daniel first joined our Client Services team in 2016 and has recently been appointed to his new role as Adviser Assistant to Adam Ezerins. His experience within client services has given him a strong understanding of our clients’ needs and he is looking forward to developing strong relationships with them.

“I’m proud that I’ve been able to continually progress over the last three years… to be where I am now within the company. This move into the adviser assistant role is great… I’m starting to have much more interaction with our clients. I’m keen to continue learning more of the strategy side of advising and building my relationships.”

Daniel also enjoys the positive working environment we have at First Financial. He appreciates our strong culture and knows everyone in the team is ready to help when needed.

“Everyone gets along so well and is willing to help you out. I started as a graduate and everyone is here to help you learn and develop your skills.”

On the weekends you can find Daniel either hitting the gym or cheering on the Bombers… plus there’s always time to hang with friends!

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