Dana Mihajlovic

Dana Mihajlovic

Dana Mihajlovic

“I wanted to be a flight attendant until I found out I was claustrophobic … I made it through all the interviews, got into the flight simulations and I jumped out of the simulation when we were in a crash situation. Subsequently the whole class failed…”

An amusing, but very true story. Dana didn’t become a flight attendant – and instead began a career in financial services.

Initially working in funds management, she moved into corporate super and industry funds, finding that SMSF management was the most enjoyable and interesting.

“I benefit from the learning and development most, and I really love the interaction with clients – it’s more personal.”

Dana is a true numbers geek.

“I like numbers – yes, that’s a bit sad. I like the people we work with, and my role is varied. Each SMSF is different, each client is different, each fund is different. I really appreciate how challenging it is, and being able to solve problems is extremely rewarding.

I’ve seen clients put everything and anything into their SMSF… collectibles, cars, abalone licences and paintings.

It’s about helping the client get the very best outcome.”

Driven to succeed, she likes to see things completed and feels feels passionately about seeing girls in the office developing their skills and becoming more experienced.

And when she’s away from the fast paced financial environment, Dana enjoys simplicity … a good cup of tea and being around nice people. She likes watching rain through the window and taking time out of a busy working day to notice and appreciate the little moments in life.

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