Welcome baby Beau Boylen

In the middle of the recent Melbourne lockdown, First Financial’s Executive Assistant to the MD, Katie Stevens, and her partner Andy welcomed their son Beau Michael Boylen into the world. He was born at the Mercy Hospital for Women at 2:05am on Wednesday 13 October and immediately changed Katie and Andy’s lives forever.

He instantly looked at me and started to feed… it was amazing! Of course it was intense, but it was all so worth it. I also thought ‘Holy moly you have a massive head.’ His head was in the 75th percentile, but it’s now back to the 50th.

He changes constantly… every day is different. If you speak to people on my side of the family he looks like me, but people on Andy’s side say he’s the spitting image of Andy. I just think he looks like Beau.”

They spent their first few weeks with Beau in a small family bubble, as restrictions meant they weren’t allowed visitors. But with Christmas coming that’s about to change. Katie’s family from Queensland are planning to come to Melbourne and enjoy the holiday season with their newest family member.

Now that he is more than eight weeks old he is much more alert, smiling a lot and chatting happily. He is quite the chilled baby… of course he can go from zero to 100 quickly, but most days he sleeps well.

The biggest adjustment for me is not having my routine… I’ve realised just how well-suited my role is to my personality. I definitely like being organised and now I’m at the mercy of this little human who can’t even tell me if I’m doing the right thing.”

Katie’s dog Keith is also enjoying spending time with his new baby brother. He shows his love with gentle nose nudges and soft licks and often sits at Katie’s feet while she feeds Beau.

The First Financial team hopes to meet Beau in person in the new year, but in the meantime we’ve given him a beautiful personalised blanket and shoes and our Managing Director, Ben Rossi, has sent him some cool Ralph Lauren Polo clothes so he’s looking super stylish!

Congratulations Katie and Andy. We wish you and Beau all the happiness in the world.

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