Shauna Broes

Shauna Broes

Shauna Broes

Bachelor of Economics
Diploma of Financial Planning
Currently studying to become a Certified Financial Planner

“It’s brilliant having a career that aligns with my skills … and also what I enjoy doing.

I honestly enjoy my work, the people I work with and knowing that I am helping clients realise their financial goals.”

Shauna fell into financial planning by accident. When her childhood dream of becoming a Sale of the Century champion didn’t quite pan out, she studied to become a school teacher.

But when throwing ideas around with friends, family and careers advisers, she discovered her love of numbers and people were gently nudging her down a different path.

“I’d seen quite a few people have bad experiences with financial planners during the GFC. When I moved into financial planning, I wanted to work with the good guys.”

Shauna loves a good joke and time spent doing the things that she enjoys, trying new things, challenging herself and having adventures.

“I love working at First Financial… there is a real sense of camaraderie between everyone here.”

Shauna hopes to explore the world, attend live music festivals, see lots of musicals and spend time with loved ones.


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