Business Insurance

Business insurance provides cover for unexpected events that affect your business’s contents, stock and other assets.

It can also provide cover for your legal liability in case a third party sues your business and you are found negligent.

The types of insurance required for running your business will vary depending on:

  • the type of business you’re running
  • the structure of your business
  • its size
  • which industry you belong to

There will also be certain types of insurance that are compulsory, such as:

  • workers’ compensation insurance – if you employ people in your business
  • third party personal injury insurance – for any motor vehicles you own
  • public liability insurance – for certain types of companies

Even if insurance is not compulsory, taking out the right insurance can help protect your business and minimise its exposure to risk.

It’s vital to ensure you have the right mix for your business.

Three areas of business cover

Three areas of business cover

  • Assets and revenue: with business expenses insurance and contents insurance
  • People: with key person insurance and accident and sickness cover
  • Liability: with public liability and professional indemnity insurance

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