Aged Care Advisory Services

As we age, our living arrangements may need to change – sometimes quickly. Planning for aged care for yourself or a loved one can be a very stressful time. There is a myriad of options for assisted living in the home as well as residential care. The rules are complex, and getting specialist and timely advice and guidance is critical.

The cost of residential aged care can also be complex and difficult to understand.

Navigating through the best options and the best way to structure your finances to pay for your aged care may not be easy.

Our aged care specialist advisers will take you through the process and provide a clear and effective solution for you, or your loved ones.

Your financial adviser will model as many as five different scenarios, so you know when you make your decision, it’s the right one for you.

How we can make a difference

Scenario A

Scenario A

Bert wanted to keep his family home, but with little money in the bank, he thought he’d have to sell the house to pay for his accommodation.

His adviser showed him another way. Instead of paying the full refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), Bert negotiated to pay part as a RAD and the rest as a daily accommodation payment.

To cover the payments, Bert rented out his house. This strategy allowed him to keep his home and it also improved his cashflow with rental income and by maximising his age pension.

Scenario B

Scenario B

Mavis planned to sell her home to pay the refundable accommodation deposit needed to enter care.

When she consulted her First Financial adviser she discovered that the money that would be left over from the sale of her home would reduce her age pension and increase her means-tested care fees.

Her adviser recommended that Mavis use some of this money to invest in a lifetime annuity strategy.

This provided her with a reliable income that would be favourably assessed by Centrelink to help improve her age pension and reduce her fees.

Make a smart decision about aged care early. A First Financial aged care specialist can make a significant difference to your financial outcome.

Client Testimonial

“Since my initial meeting with First Financial – David Pitt and Adela Ngai, I have been expertly advised and assisted. I had been in a space with high accountancy fees and no forward planning. I now feel far more relaxed and feel confident that the advice I receive will stand me in good stead in the future.”

Wendy Pullar


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