Richard Gourlay

Richard Gourlay

Richard Gourlay

Certified Financial Planner®
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Bachelor of Commerce/ Arts

“I like the relationship side of financial planning… meeting people from all walks of life and helping them really is the key for me.”

A country boy at heart, Financial Planner Richard Gourlay grew up on a dairy farm, and made the move to Melbourne six years ago, after completing a double degree in Commerce and Arts, with majors in finance, marketing and history. Richard wasn’t sure which area of finance he wanted to go into… until the second year into his degree he did a unit of financial planning and found he really enjoyed it, and was quite good at it.

“I chose financial planning because I like to help people. I like the satisfaction, the happy phone calls, the feel good factor.”

Of course it wasn’t always easy. Starting a career at the height of the GFC meant it was a steep learning curve…
“I started my career a month before the sharemarket hit rock bottom in the GFC. I took some very interesting client phone calls… and I had to learn to think on my feet and stay calm. It was tough,…but it put me in good stead for the future because it helped me understand risk and diversification long term.”

“Our clients need a road map…and we can give it to them. There’s great satisfaction in helping to improve someone’s financial situation… We see where they are, where they want to go, and we create a road map to help them navigate the distance.”

Goal driven and focused, he remains motivated by constantly setting and resetting goals for himself…and often trains for marathons and half marathons.

“This translates well into the work environment – when clients want to achieve something, we focus on the end goal.”

It would be fair to say Richard was passionate about winning – and as a St Kilda footy fan, he craves success. Married last year, he has discovered a love for travel and getting away from the tourist spots.

And the next goal? Trekking in the Himalayas…


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