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Ben Rossi


Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Member of the National Institute of Accountants

Ben Rossi wanted to be a rock star. He was a drummer in a band until he was 18 … and started a computer science degree. The head lecturer at the time told the boys there was no chance of making a living out of computers. There were only six computers in the country, with no prospect of getting anymore, so they’d better have a good think about what they were going to do with their lives.

True story. Thoughtful, innovative and strategic, for First Financial’s Principal Ben Rossi, it’s always been about planning, strategy and structure. Read more

Brad Jackson


Bachelor of Commerce/Law – BCom/LLB (University of Tasmania)
Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (Securities Institute)

Lawyer turned financial adviser Brad Jackson has been with the firm for 22 years, but feels like he’s just getting started.

“The formal education in law and commerce is very transportable throughout different disciplines. I knew, joining the financial planning world, that it was a chance for me as a young guy to stand out in a growing, evolving industry.” Read more

David Pitt


Certified Financial Planner® 
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Bachelor of Commerce – Majors: Management, Information Systems and eCommerce
SMSF Certification Course

For ex Port Melbourne footballer David Pitt, a knee injury stopped a burgeoning AFL career.

Not that anyone’s complaining.The First Financial Principal’s extensive experience and technical knowledge give his clients the very best possible chance of success … and it’s a role he relishes.

Easy going and approachable, David likes to bring a little humour to each day. Read more

Chris Crough


Certified Financial Planner®
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

The Chris Crough story starts with two words. Coffee boy. His parents were clients of the firm and found out there was a job available. Chris had finished uni and was looking for something fulfilling. He found ‘coffee boy’. Of course, there is a technical name for this role, it’s ‘traineeship’, but as Chris remembers it, he spent more time making coffee and filing than anything else.

But his ability to learn, grow and achieve for himself and his clients, meant that his rise was inevitable.

“I like what I do … I like my clients and I like the guys I work with. The culture here is enjoyable, and everyone respects each other.”  Read more

David Jackson


Certified Financial Planner®
Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Business (Accountancy)

David specialises in providing strategic investment advice to a wide variety of working and retirement clients. He has extensive experience in the financial services industry, and his advice covers everything from planning for accumulation and preservation of wealth, to the provision of tax effective retirement income streams. Read more

James Wrigley


Certified Financial Planner®
Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance (Financial Planning)
Bachelor of Commerce

There are many of things that make James Wrigley smile throughout the day … but what brings the biggest smile to his face is the appreciation his clients show.

James has been with the core group at First Financial for over 10 years,

and has worked his way through the planner training system from Client Service Manager, through to Associate Adviser, to Senior Adviser. James has recently been made a Principal.

“I’m given a lot of flexibility to try different things, things that could be good for my clients and the clients of the whole firm.” Read more

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