Nicole Gullone



Certified Financial Planner
Bachelor in Finance
Bachelor in Accounting

“I was initially doing a degree in accounting and finance … and when I got to the financial planning unit I realised I could help people using the tools and skills I had, and see some real results … really see people achieve their goals.”

If you think you’re seeing double in the office, you’re not imaging things.  Nicole Gullone shares a passion for financial planning with identical twin sister Stefanie.

Nicole got her start at First Financial when she was still at university – she took a vacation work placement – and was offered a graduate position in their training programme when she finished her degree.

“The culture at First Financial is great … it’s challenging, but fun, and such a supportive environment.

I love developing long term relationship with clients … as clients age they are less trusting of people, so the relationship needs to be there.”

People-focused and naturally positive, Nicole brims with energy. She loves that financial planning is client focused and more proactive than reactive.

“You get to take the journey with the client … rather than at the end.

Some people find thinking about finances foreign and overwhelming. Breaking down that barrier, and having people achieve goals and dreams is the reason I do what I do.”

Nicole loves spending time with her family, and after an exchange programme in Europe, fell in love with Italy.

“I love experiencing new things and travelling the world.”

A city girl at heart, Nicole enjoys people family, friends, eating, having home cooked meals, travelling and dancing … not necessarily in that order, though!

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