Nick Thomas



Certified Financial Planner® or CFP® Practitioner
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, Financial Planning and Sports Management) 

“It’s not just their money … it’s their whole life you’re helping plan.”

For footy mad Financial Adviser Nick Thomas, the best part of his job is the relationships formed with clients.

“Meeting clients, discussing plans, and making sure they’re on track and happy … that’s what gives me great satisfaction.

Over time, client relationships deepen and long standing friendships are developed. Not with everyone of course, but there are many clients I am now proud to call my friends.”

Nick was always headed for a career in finances … his dad was an accountant, but Nick thought accountancy may not be the best use of his skills.

“I thought financial planning would be far more interesting than accountancy. Financial planning is not as black and white as accountancy … you have scope to put a different slant on things and make choices.”

So after receiving his Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Financial Planning) Nick started his career in financial planning, and after five years become an associate adviser with the First Financial team and hasn’t looked back.

A self confessed extrovert, Nick gets great energy from being with people … and it’s obvious from his interactions with those around him.

“You don’t get these kind of relationships in a lot of other professions.”

Now, adjusting to parenthood, Nick enjoys playing footy, keeping fit, hanging out with friends and spending time with his wife and young son.

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