Matthew Magee

Adviser Assistant

Adviser Assistant

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Financial Planning)

“I’ve always had a bit of a numbers brain. Through high school and early university I was drawn to accounting… but as I started getting more into studying at uni, I realised that accounting was a little too dry. When I did my first Financial Planning unit, I really loved it and knew I wanted to focus my attention there.

Since I’ve started working in the industry, I absolutely know this is where my job satisfaction lies. I really enjoy the client facing aspects of my work.”

Matthew Magee started his role as an Adviser Assistant in July 2021 after he was approached by our Human Resources team. Starting in the middle of the global pandemic meant he still hasn’t met everyone in the firm, but our supportive work culture has helped him feel comfortable in his role.

“The support on offer is really great compared to other places I’ve worked – even though I’ve probably only had eight days in the office since I started – people are always checking in on me to make sure I’m doing OK.

We have really strong procedures, and they help with accountability across the firm. And the team itself has been fantastic to work with. I work directly with Anthony Dhillon, and he challenges me to think more on my own rather than just always getting the answers from him when it comes to client scenarios.

This is an excellent way for me to advance my knowledge. Being given the opportunity to extend myself, rather than waiting for someone else to give me answers… it’s great!”

When the weekend comes, Matthew loves playing cricket. He’s played for his local club since he was about six years old, and on Saturdays in summer he’s always out on the pitch. Plus, he’s spent the last year or two travelling around Victoria. With international borders closed, it’s given him the opportunity to immerse himself in our own amazing backyard… Wilsons Prom, the Gippsland Region and the South West are some of his most visited spots.

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