Matthew Benic



Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)

My dad instilled the idea of being good with money into me when I was a kid. I had a saver account for the money I made when I did odd jobs and that helped me learn about the power of savings and compounding. Having these little lessons about money from an early age got me interested in finance… I wanted to understand about making it work and finding the opportunities that are out there.”

Matthew is focused on becoming a financial planner, and he is certainly on the right path. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Financial Planning, and he also gained valuable experience working within a small firm as an intern.

But when it came time to find his first permanent role, he knew he had some specific criteria that he wanted from his potential employer… and First Financial ticked his boxes.

When I was searching for a position, I knew I wanted to find a firm that was independently owned, and I also knew I wanted to work for a well-established organisation that offered a great working environment. Here at First Financial, there are great opportunities to learn. I attend client meetings, I can be more hands-on and I feel empowered. Plus, being able to continue my career development through the financial adviser professional year program has made this a perfect fit.”

Working alongside Chris Crough has given Matthew some unique learning experiences and enabled him to connect with our clients.

When COVID hit in early 2020, we were on the phone to clients nearly every day supporting them, reassuring them that it wasn’t going to be the end, providing comfort along the way. It was amazing how much I learned.”

When he’s not at work, Matthew loves to take his two dogs on fun beach runs. Lucy, his Golden Retriever, and Eddie, his Finnish Lapphund, keep him busy!

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