James Wrigley



Certified Financial Planner®
Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance (Financial Planning)
Bachelor of Commerce

There are many of things that make James Wrigley smile throughout the day, but what brings the biggest smile to his face is the appreciation his clients show.

James has been with the core group at First Financial for over 10 years,  and he has worked his way through the planner training system from Client Service Manager, through to Associate Adviser, to Senior Adviser. James has recently been made a Principal.

“I’m given a lot of flexibility to try different things, things that could be good for my clients and the clients of the whole firm.”

He primarily works with two demographics of clients; wealth builders in their late 30’s and 40’s who are looking ahead into the future and those who are at or near retirement.

“I want to help make a difference to people’s lives. I really enjoy what I do … I get to interact when a large variety of people on a daily basis.”

And when he’s not helping the wealth builders of the world get ahead, James loves to exercise … running, swimming or hitting the gym.

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