Jack Dunn

Jack Dunn

Jack Dunn

Bachelor of Commerce 
Bachelor of Economics

Jack Dunn is excited – excited about opportunity, about seeing people get ahead and knowing he has had a hand in that journey.

When he was younger, Jack wanted to be a stockbroker … and doing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics convinced him he was on the right path.

Driven by goals and a desire to succeed, Jack also manages to find the fun and humour in most situations.

His passion for investment is evident in every interaction, and he’s generous with his knowledge.

“I like teaching others … and I have a lot to offer.

I respect hard work, loyalty and perseverance.”

Like many of his peers, Jack started work at First Financial in client services and has recently moved into an associate adviser role.

His pet hate is when people are too busy to help others … so you know if you are lucky enough to deal with Jack, he’ll always make time for you.


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