Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy Works

… Because we use a sustainable approach that delivers stability and growth.

We create investment portfolios that are robust enough to withstand market volatility while still delivering income.

How do we deliver?

How do we deliver?

By managing the true risk – selling at the worst possible times. We don’t avoid discussing the possibility of market fluctuations. We want our clients to be informed and prepared.

Our clients will always have cash-flow to last a market downturn.

We cannot guarantee you will always be immune to fluctuations in the market.

We CAN build an investment portfolio to protect you from having to sell during those times. So your capital is preserved and income is guaranteed.

Your financial future is protected

Your financial future is protected

Our innovative and unique investment strategy protects your financial future.

We do this by separating a client’s portfolio into three investment buckets.

  1. The cash bucket holds 12 months’ income.
  2. The fixed-interest bucket holds two to four years cash-flow in low-risk assets.
  3. The long-term investment bucket holds the five-year-plus growth portfolio. This is where we hold capital investments that are subject to market volatility.

These buckets work together over time to lock in your gains. When markets are good, earnings are moved from the fixed-interest bucket and long-term bucket to the cash bucket to shore up income. If markets experience a downturn, the risk is quarantined in the long-term bucket.

Making it relevant

Making it relevant

So for a retiree this strategy means that:

– Cash flow is delivered WHEN you need it so you can live life today. Our clients know that if there was an economic downturn they would have three to four years of cash-flow, allowing them to sleep more easily at night, knowing their lifestyle will not be affected.

And for an accumulator, this strategy means that:

– You have a portfolio geared to growth, to serve you well long-term.

You remain in control

You remain in control

Our tried and tested methodology consistently delivers great long-term outcomes because you are building a portfolio that is relevant for your time of life, based on your current circumstance … and adjusted for your attitude to risk.

When the GFC hit, our clients were safe knowing they had enough income to last and didn’t have to sell down their capital investments.

The investment buckets delivered up to 4 years guaranteed cash-flow, so there was no pressure to sell. Plus, the growth investments still paid dividends to top up the reserve. Regardless of where markets are headed, you remain in control of your money.


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