Gavin Colosimo

Senior Adviser

Senior Adviser

Certified Financial Planner®
Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems & Financial Planning)

As childhoods go, Gavin Colosimo’s was tougher than most. Losing his father as a teenager put a mountain of stress on the family, so as the years progressed, Gavin made decisions directly related to those experiences.

He focused on a double degree in commerce and decided to go into finance and financial planning for one main reason: to help others mitigate risk.

“I’ve experienced first hand the ramifications of not having proper plans in place. Now it’s my job to help steer people in the right direction. My role is not to dictate to people – it’s to help educate and advise them on their journey.  Ultimately they will make their own decisions … I just guide them.”

Gavin is a specialist in retirement planning, insurances, gearing strategies and limited recourse borrowing arrangements, but he’s equally comfortable chatting about surfing in Torquay, or travelling through Cuba.

Gavin says the long working hours the team put in are offset by the positive and supportive office banter.

“It makes a difference working with people I like and enjoy being around,” he says.

Gavin enjoys the freedom of being part of a boutique firm with an impressive size and scale.

“Having the ability to run our own investment philosophy and approach – and make decisions based on the needs of the client and not the institution – is so important.”

Gavin counts travel, surfing and hanging out with his Husky, Rupert, among his most favourite past times.

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