First Financial volunteers with FareShare

First Financial volunteer with FareShare

The team members at First Financial truly enjoy volunteering their time for a worthy cause… and no cause is more worthy than people in our community who are doing it tough.

In November, 14 of our staff spent an industrious afternoon working at FareShare, an organisation that is dedicated to minimising food wastage and creating healthy meals that are distributed around Melbourne to homeless shelters, food vans and refuges.

What does FareShare do?

What does FareShare do?

FareShare works closely with supermarkets, food manufacturers and farmers to reduce produce wastage. Rather than sending their surplus food to landfill, FareShare collects it and utilises it to produce nutritious meals.

Every day, regular volunteers cook more than 6,000 meals. These are shared with many different charity organisations and given to vulnerable people who are experiencing food poverty.

FareShare also operates three Kitchen Gardens in Melbourne, where they grow their own vegetables to supplement their ‘rescued’ produce. This way they can make sure every meal they cook meets their nutritional value standards.

Volunteering session

Volunteering session

First Financial’s afternoon involved a thorough induction into the FareShare facility, before our team of budding masterchefs got to work. Splitting up into teams, we were given specific sausage roll making tasks… rolling the balls, laying them onto pastry and cutting pastry sheets. In total… 1,296 sausage rolls were made during our session.

From there, our team moved onto the quiche production line, where we bagged up ready-made quiches for delivery and lay sheets of pastry carefully into hundreds of moulds, finishing up with a full clean down after the cooking was complete.

We also made a financial donation to help support FareShare achieve their mission.

Positive vibes with a good cause

The feedback received from the team members who volunteered their time was overwhelmingly positive. Katie Stevens, First Financial Office Manager and Executive Assistant says,

“It’s always great to spend time with colleagues doing something rewarding. We see each other every day in the office, but working together on a project that you know will help other people creates a really positive vibe. Everyone was happy and enjoyed the hours we spent at FareShare. We definitely got a sense of fulfillment from the afternoon.”

We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to partner with a community support organisation. Read more First Financial articles.

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