Are you considering a financial adviser career?

Being a financial adviser is an important job. People put their trust in you and you can really make a difference to their lives. Your role is to empower them with information and give them the guidance they need to make crucial financial decisions.

When someone chooses you as their adviser, it can become a partnership that lasts decades… and you are often the person they turn to when they are approaching major milestones in their lives.

If you are considering a financial adviser career, then First Financial offers a supportive, flexible and rewarding working environment.

We are proud of the relationships we build – both with our clients and within our team. And if you ask any of our people… they will tell you that it’s the culture within our organisation that makes us special.

Find your calling

Find your calling

Part of what makes us unique is our commitment to your career development. We know that it can take time for you to find your calling and we want to support you along the way.

Many of our team members start their journey in client services, where they gain valuable insight into the inner workings of advice implementation. James Wrigley, Principal, says:

You can’t underestimate the value of the time spent in client services when you move into an associate role then eventually become an adviser. Learning how to implement the advice is essential. It’s all well and good learning the booksmarts on what you are doing, but understanding the implementation is so important.”

From this starting point, there are many career development opportunities. Kate Anderson, Senior Paraplanner, explains:

“You may start in a client services role, but First Financial is very encouraging of people to move into different roles in the business, to experience different types of work and to learn through changing roles… if it doesn’t suit them that’s ok, they can move back to where they want to be or up into something else.”

True flexibility

True flexibility

We also understand the need for true flexibility within the workplace.

The last two years have changed the way that people approach their employment and here at First Financial, we have embraced a new model.

Most of our team members have hybrid roles where some days are in the office and some are working from home. We utilise technology to make sure we can perform our jobs well… no matter where we are located.

Nicole Costa, Financial Adviser, returned from maternity leave when we were already working remotely, so she has enjoyed the benefits of this new flexible environment.

“I was on leave when we switched to working from home… so when I came back, it couldn’t have been better! The hardest part about returning to work was leaving Lucia… for most of my maternity leave we had been in lockdown, so I hadn’t been away from her much.

I went into the office on my first day back and then was just doing one day a week for the first few weeks. It was nice to have a bit of the social side of work and get back up to speed but being able to work from home and that flexibility has been great. Lucia is still young and I’m still a new mum… so I’ve loved it!”

First Financial team support

First Financial team support

Within First Financial, we have a strong focus on maintaining our inclusive, dynamic company culture.

We are committed to providing our team members all the support they need to achieve their career goals.

Matt Benic is an Associate Adviser working closely with Chris Crough.

He moved into his role just as we started working from home but with the support of colleagues he has been able to develop his skills in the position.

“It was definitely fire and flames to start with. But I had dedicated support from Rebecca Ruck and some more senior associates to help me set up a structure for my work. It was a steep learning curve but the team really encouraged me.

I want to be an adviser… so having Chris and everyone support me through my training and all the different things I need to do is great. I’m hoping to have completed my Professional Year program by the end of this year and start building my own client base from there.”

Find out more about our Financial Careers and contact us if you have any questions.

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