David Jackson



Certified Financial Planner®
Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Business (Accountancy)

Navigating the financial terrain towards retirement is much like preparing for a marathon. And it’s best done with the help of an experienced coach.

Principal David Jackson likes the challenge of a marathon. At First Financial, he specialises in providing financial and ongoing strategic and investment advice to both working and retirement clients, helping their retirement plans to go the distance.

“A great outcome is one where the client feels relaxed in their lifestyle, feels relaxed in their retirement and feels like they have some control over what their destiny is… and they have those pressures of finance taken away from them.”

David has extensive experience in the financial services industry, and his advice covers everything from planning for accumulation and preservation of wealth to the provision of tax effective retirement income streams.

“I love meeting people and talking with them about their situation. Getting to know them and devising strategies to help with their financial goals, that’s why I do what I do.”

With 25 years of experience, including 23 in advisory, David builds lasting trust with clients. He sees their success as a team effort— from admin to associates, everyone plays a crucial role.

“Each client has to feel like they’re the only client. That’s the level of service we aspire to provide. Our job as advisers is to guide clients from A to B and help them understand. If they don’t understand, it comes back on us.”

Having worked with multiple members of the executive team since the ’90s, David attributes their enduring success to a shared ethos of going the extra mile for clients. At First Financial, senior members lead by example, nurturing the next generation of advisers.

“I think my colleagues would say I’m relaxed, hardworking and, hopefully, a genuine and friendly person who supports what the business does.”

Outside work, David passionately supports Richmond, enjoys football games and is happily married with two adult children. Recently, he has taken up golf more regularly and is working on lowering his handicap. As you might have guessed, he also actively runs marathons and half marathons, intending to continue as long as his body permits.

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