Countdown to retirement

So close you can see it…

You’ve dreamt about it. You’ve planned for it.  And now retirement is just around the corner. It’s so close, you can see yourself living that dream.

Now you’re on the countdown to retirement, it’s time to switch gears and put that plan into action.

It’s time to make the dream a reality.

What’s your dream?

We know that your dream retirement is as unique as you are.

At First Financial we have years of experience in helping our clients to retire life ready.

Experience has also taught us that there’s one special ingredient that goes into every successful retirement… choice.

We all want the choice to live the lifestyle we choose.

The key to living your dream retirement is financial freedom.

Retire Life Ready

That’s exactly what we mean when we talk about retiring life ready. It’s having the financial freedom to choose when and how you retire with confidence and certainty.

At First Financial we are proudly client-centric. We see our relationship with you as a life-time collaboration, moving with you through each stage of life. Our financial advice is tailored to your individual circumstances.

On the countdown to retirement the focus shifts to wealth preservation and financial independence. After years of hard work now is the time to make sure all those long hours were worth it.

Preserve your wealth

You’ve grown your nest egg. Now, having a plan in place to preserve your wealth will deliver you peace of mind about your long term financial independence.

At this stage we focus on:

Live life

There’s no crystal ball that can tell us how long retirement will be, it could be 25 years or more.

You need to sleep easy at night with the knowledge that you can live life today and sustain your lifestyle in the years to come.

At First Financial we have developed a unique investment philosophy that allows us to build portfolios that are robust enough to withstand market volatility while still delivering income.


By dividing your portfolio into three investment buckets – the cash bucket, the low risk investment bucket and the growth investment bucket – we can continually monitor and adjust the levels of each so you have access to income, no matter the market conditions.

This means you have cash available to live life your way, with confidence – not worrying about blowing your budget.

It's about choices

Make the most of your next stage of life with a financial plan that will deliver choices – so you can stroll into the retirement you want with confidence and certainty.

To retire life ready, contact a First Financial adviser today.