Jenny Pickering

Jenny Pickering

How a First Financial adviser was able to provide support, wisdom and good advice ... when it was most needed.

When Jenny’s husband passed away, Ben Rossi from First Financial was the person she turned to for advice on her financial future. She and Ben had established a good relationship while her husband was alive, so she knew she could rely on him for good advice and a shoulder to lean on.

“We get together casually, as well as for financial advice. Ben always takes an interest in me, my children and my grandchildren … and as my children live overseas, it’s wonderful to have someone I can trust. Someone to put my faith in.”

Making things as easy as possible.

Jenny has her own health problems, and she needs an injection every 28 days, so she’d prefer to focus on friends and hobbies, rather than paperwork and finances. She appreciates how simple Ben makes the process for her and how the team works around her health problems.

Smart financial decisions mean a better quality of life.

Because Jenny has made some smart decisions with her superannuation, she manages to save … and she’s able to travel to Mexico, America and New Zealand once or twice a year … as well as the odd cruise.

“I live fairly frugally, but I manage to do everything I want to do.”

Our partnership will deliver ongoing certainty that you are doing all the right things to achieve your personal wealth goals. If you are interested in setting up a bullet-proof strategy for financial success and retiring certain you have enough, contact us today.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you so much for all your help and expertise with the organisation of our financial situation. Thank you also for your ongoing work and support for me to secure a comfortable financial future.”

Christine McClure


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