Coral and Ken Woodfull

Coral and Ken Woodfull

How a talented young financial adviser became an integral part of this couple’s lives ... and helped them enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Coral and Ken were in their early 50s when they realised they needed to start to think of the future, and what would happen when they retired. They needed security and safety for their retirement.

“We needed to invest wisely … and I didn’t have the knowledge. So we went to people who knew what they were talking about.”

Leave it to the experts

Ken had made some good investments in the past … but when it came to retirement he was uncertain. Where to invest? What to invest? Tax implications, and ever changing legislation.

“And sure I had a lot of shares … but the market goes up and down and I didn’t have the time or the expertise to sit watching the sharemarket. I wanted to do other things. You can’t expect to be following financial markets all the time to pick the peaks … I’d most likely pick a trough!

We felt it was much easier to get someone else with expertise to help us.”

A talented team …

David Pitt was a bright young talented adviser, and he has made a big impact on the lives of the Woodfulls.

“At our age people get set in their ways. It’s good that the team are younger. With David, we’ve watched his children arrive, we’ve watched him get older. David is very personable, and he has gotten to know our family, and we know his. That’s important because you need something else besides coming to sit in a finance meeting.”

…and a comfortable retirement

“We’ve gotten to know him, and we trust him. We have complete confidence in the way our money has been invested … and we can continue on in a comfortable lifestyle.”

Client Testimonial

“Since my initial meeting with First Financial – David Pitt and Adela Ngai, I have been expertly advised and assisted. I had been in a space with high accountancy fees and no forward planning. I now feel far more relaxed and feel confident that the advice I receive will stand me in good stead in the future.”

Wendy Pullar


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