Chris White

Chris White

Chris White

Certified Financial Planner® 
Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
Diploma of Education.

There’s a strong correlation between engineering and financial planning, and if there was ever someone to successfully make the jump between the two, Chris White is that person.

Yes, the Managing Director of First Financial was an engineer …

and the traits of an engineer are scarily similar to a successful financial planner … a problem solver, logical thinker, and someone who is totally focused.

“Financial Planning and engineering fit together seamlessly – it’s how to get from A to B, taking the emotion out. I moved into financial planning 16 years ago and haven’t regretted a day since.”

Chris has relished what his role as Managing Director at First Financial has enabled him to do for a new generation of financial planners.

“I love the people I work with. I want to build a really sustainable business for the young ones we’ve brought along on this ride with us. The guys that put their hand up to come with us when we did the buyout – now we have the opportunity to build a really big business for their future.”

The ‘buyout’ was moving away from the multi-national firm ‘Crowe Horwath’ …

Moving away from the security of a big firm was a risk, but with that risk came great reward … and satisfaction, independence and loyalty. Chris has been a driving force in the loyalty and training programmes that First Financial are pioneering.

“It’s very exciting – some advisers are working towards becoming partners in the business. If they’re willing to have a crack, we’re willing to give them equity … it’s a win-win.”

For Chris, First Financial means being able to make decisions that are in the best interests of clients and staff without the input of a large corporate.

An avid golfer and tennis player, Chris’s greatest achievement has been his family and watching his children grow up and find success. And one of the highlights of his life has been to play on the same tennis team as all three of his children, and make the grand final three years running.

Chris is passionate and loyal to the team at First Financial, as they are to him. It’s why they fought so hard to retain the business in the buyout … and why their company culture is so strong.

“We really like working together … the principal group have been together for 15 years. Seeing the success of the business, seeing people grow in the business, and being successful in the business is what it’s about. I’m so proud of what we’ve built and proud of people who really have a crack at trying to grow and make it sustainable for the future.”

Chris sees the abundance of information available through technology as a both a good and bad thing. Clients can often get confused by the overload of information and so it becomes his job to educate and help them focus on what’s relevant to them.

Alongside golf and tennis, Chris is an AFL fan, and has umpired over 200 games in the biggest metro league in Victora. Now that’s success.


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