Brendan Smith



Diploma of Financial Planning
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Bachelor of Finance
CFP qualified

“I enjoy working with my clients. I don’t feel like I work for them, I feel like I work with them. And the culture here at First Financial is so positive … and one where everyone is encouraged to try new things. Failure is not looked down upon. If you don’t succeed you can evaluate and look forward and keep moving.”

Brendan Smith is a loyal family man. After work experience at the firm while at university, he worked two days a week during his final year. So you could say his future looked bright from early on.

The training he’s received from the advisory team at the firm has been incredible, and he’s loved almost every minute.

And he has many success stories. He speaks passionately about the couple looking to retire who didn’t believe they’d be able to retire at all, let alone retire self-funded at 60.

Or the client who was made redundant after working his entire life at Holden … and now has a retirement salary greater than his working salary.

Brendan works with retirees and pre-retirees – and younger people looking to build wealth and a strong future.

Like many of the advisers at First Financial, his relationships deepen as the years pass. Clients often ring just to share a joke or a story with him.

Passionate about sport, Brendan understands that as an Essendon supporter, he may need to wait a few years before they’ll hold a trophy. It’s a long road to success, but the correlation between being an Essendon supporter and a financial adviser can’t be overlooked. You need patience, perseverance, effort, time, skill and talent to get it just right. And the clients? They need training.

But when the success stories are shared – that’s the trophy.

In his spare time, Brendan loves to travel and spend time with his wife.

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