Associate Advisers and Adviser Assistants

Rebecca Ruck


Diploma of Financial Planning

Rebecca Ruck had some solid training on the trading floors of Canada’s Wall Street.

For two years she worked in that hectic, intense, fast-paced environment.

So working in Melbourne was always going to be a breeze for her.

Originally from New Zealand, Rebecca is an integral part of the adviser training program. Like most advisers, her need to help people drew her to financial planning.

“I just love helping clients. I like to build those relationships with people and help them get from A to B.”

James Grixti


Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)

When you have a passion, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals and this is how James Grixti approaches every day.

“I have a passion for investment. First Financial hired me straight out of university, and being able to work in the industry is fantastic. I feel lucky that I am already in this role… an adviser assistant to one of the company’s principals. It’s a real highlight that they have entrusted me with this position.”

Vivek Mishra


Bachelor of Finance
Bachelor of Accounting

“I feel pretty lucky that I get to do what I love…”

Vivek Mishra spent four years at Latrobe University studying accounting and finance because he always knew he had a passion for the industry. And landing the Adviser Assistant role at First Financial has allowed him to put that passion to work!

Paul Seidl


Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)

You could say that financial planning is in Paul Seidl’s blood…

“When I was a kid, I never really understood what my dad did… but he explained it to me in a way that really made me interested. He said, ‘I’m a money doctor. You have a specialist for each part of your life… like people have a GP for their health… we are their specialists in their wealth area.’

He helped his clients through many different situations, and I saw how it impacted their lives. I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

Daniel Smith


Bachelor of Business (Human Resources)

Before university, Daniel Smith hadn’t ever really considered financial planning… he hadn’t come across it in his everyday life, but through his Bachelor of Business at university one introductory subject opened his eyes and set him down a clear career path.

“When I started to select elective subjects, I chose an introduction to financial planning… I found the strategy topics really interesting and so I continually chose finance subjects and went from there.”

Jo Zhao

Adviser Assistant

Bachelor of Medical Science
Master of Finance
Diploma of Financial Planning

Jo Zhao’s career started with a Bachelor of Medical Science but after a couple of years working within a hospital environment she realised that it wasn’t her passion.

“I enjoyed it but I felt there were limitations… while I was working in the hospital I developed a strong interest in finance… I have a lot of family and friends working in the finance industry and that definitely influenced me to do my Masters.”