Associate Financial Advisers

Jack Dunn


Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Economics

Jack Dunn is excited – excited about opportunity, about seeing people get ahead and knowing he has had a hand in that journey.

When he was younger, Jack wanted to be a stockbroker … and doing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics convinced him he was on the right path.

Driven by goals and a desire to succeed, Jack also manages to find the fun and humour in most situations. His passion for investment is evident in every interaction, and he’s generous with his knowledge.

“I like teaching others … and I have a lot to offer. I respect hard work, loyalty and perseverance.”

Shauna Broes


Bachelor of Economics
Diploma of Financial Planning
Currently studying to become a Certified Financial Planner

“It’s brilliant having a career that aligns with my skills … and also what I enjoy doing.

I honestly enjoy my work, the people I work with and knowing that I am helping clients realise their financial goals.”

Shauna fell into financial planning by accident. When her childhood dream of becoming a Sale of the Century champion didn’t quite pan out, she studied to become a school teacher. But when throwing ideas around with friends, family and careers advisers, she discovered her love of numbers and people were gently nudging her down a different path.

Rebecca Ruck


Diploma of Financial Planning

Rebecca Ruck had some solid training on the trading floors of Canada’s Wall Street. 

For two years she worked in that hectic, intense, fast-paced environment.

So working in Melbourne was always going to be a breeze for her.

Originally from New Zealand, Rebecca is an integral part of the planner training programme. Like most planners, her need to help people drew her to financial planning.

“I just love helping clients. I like to build those relationships with people and help them get from A to B.”

Sarah Gates


Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance

When you have a conversation with Sarah Gates, you’ll notice you have her complete attention.

It’s because her pet hate is disconnections and distractions caused by smartphones. Which for a millennial, is a big call.

So it seems clear that she’s not your average millennial.

“I moved to Melbourne in 2013, after I completed a traineeship and further study.”

William Hume


Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)

Numbers and people – two things that drive William Hume to be the very best he can be.  

William’s objective is crystal clear.

“My role is to help our clients with their financial and lifestyle objectives.”

William started at First Financial as a graduate, as part of their planner training programme, moving through Client Services Administrator, Manager, and progressing into an Associate Adviser role.

His love of numbers lead him down a financial career path, when his childhood dream of being a professional golfer didn’t quite work out the way he thought it would.