Structuring Your Assets

‘We firmly believe there is a strategy piece – and then there is an investment piece. 80% of creating a successful client plan is strategy.’  ~ Ben Rossi, Advisory Principal.

If you build it ...

If you build it ...

Over the years we have been entrusted to provide financial planning and advice to thousands of Australians with a strong desire to grow their personal wealth.

At First Financial, we know the only way to grow your wealth is to make sure you have a strong base and a solid structure from the ground up.

That’s why the first thing we do is to look at your financial structure and see how we can make that structure as bulletproof as possible.

The First Financial 80/20 rule

When it comes to the success of your financial plan, we apply an 80/20 rule.

80% of the work involved in creating your plan is taking a detailed look at your current strategic position and making the necessary structural changes to put you in the strongest possible position. We do this before we even begin to make product or investment recommendations.

80% strategic

80% strategic

80% of the advice you will receive from First Financial will be strategic. You might receive advice that covers:

  • Tax minimisation
  • Centrelink advice
  • Tax effective investing
  • Debt management advice
  • Cash-flow and budgeting
  • Managing longevity
  • Estate planning
  • Dollar cost averaging

The quality of advice you receive from First Financial will help you go forward with confidence and a clear financial plan. For example you’ll know how to use your surplus cash-flow in the most effective manner, while paying as little tax as possible. You’ll also be confident that your assets are in the most appropriate family member’s name, and that you’ll be taking advantage of any tax concessions and government benefits you are eligible for.

20% product

20% product

20% of the advice you will receive will be product advice. The products we recommend may include share recommendations, managed funds and insurances our Investment Committee has approved.

Recomendations in YOUR best interest

We have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), which means we can make recommendations in your best interest.  As client-centred financial planners, we put you and your financial success first, always.

If you are interested in setting up a bulletproof strategy for financial success – and retiring life ready…certain you have enough  contact us today.


If you want to retire life ready